How to avoid a MiniMap gets brighter?

I created a MiniMap based on this example:

I adapted it to zoom using the MouseWheel.
But I noticed that the further the Camera gets from the ViewportFrame, the brighter the MiniMap gets:

How to avoid this effect?


I’m assuming that you’re achieving this zooming effect by moving the camera’s y axis up. This might be a limitation with ViewportFrames to save resources when parts are far away from the camera’s view. Can you provide some code so we can diagnose the problem a bit better?

Try Lowering Y Axis Or Mess With ViewportFrame’s Colour Settings


	CameraMiniMap.CFrame = + , ZoomMiniMap, 0), HumanoidRootPart.Position)
	PlayerArrow.Rotation = -HumanoidRootPart.Orientation.Y - 90

ZoomMiniMap is the Y value generated by MouseWheel.

The further the camera, the brighter the MiniMap.

Already did, no changes.

Try Changing Fog Settings In Lighting

Already did a lot of changes in lighting, but no changes.

Anyway, it wouldn’t be right to change something in Lighting, as it would affect the entire 3D space.

A way I’ve used to avoid this is simply to scale sizes down in scripts cause fog takes over at around ~10k studs. It’s definitely a bit of work to scale relative distances though. I took a somewhat hacky approach and welded things together to maintain their relative distance to scale them down as a group.