ViewportFrame gets brighter as the camera gets further away

Reproduction Steps

  1. Run this project: Minimap.rbxl (38.2 KB)

  2. You’ll see a MiniMap:

  3. Stop and open the LocalScript:

  4. Change the camera distance (Y) on line 22, from 1000 to 20000:

  5. Run.

  6. You’ll see a brighter MiniMap:

Expected Behavior
ViewportFrame shouldn’t get brighter as the camera gets further away

Actual Behavior
As described below, ViewportFrame gets brighter as the camera gets further away:

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Display
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly


Another example:


The minimap’s color while far away is really close to the color of the spawn. It could be the color of the spawn or the black platform without the visual effects.

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When testing it out myself in studio, I got the same results. My guess was to try and change the Ambient, LightColor, LightDirection, or ImageColor3 as they all seemed like they could be the issue. However, I couldn’t find the issue.

I do think there is a work around though: You could scale the entire map you have to a smaller size until the brightness thing isn’t effecting anything, but that might not be ideal.

There is probably something I am overlooking, but from what I currently know, I believe this to be a bug.

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I messed around with this, and can confirm the problem stems from the ViewportFrame. Putting the objects in a WorldModel and putting that in the ViewportFrame makes no difference, so it has nothing to do with that (I figured I should try that out). No property changes fixed this either.


This is probably just fog.

photo of multiple Baseplates in different heights, from -5000 to 1800 (rightmost. only edge seen)

There aren’t any settings to change this though.


Just to exemplify, this is what happens when zooming (Camera.Y) on the ViewportFrame:

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Lighting effects on viewport frames are always static which means changing your lighting settings will not apply to viewport frames


Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


Currently having the same issue, @rogeriodec_games 's reply was the best example of how this happens.

Any news?
3 months have passed.
This is an impediment to the game as there is no other alternative to remedy this problem.