How to CFrame issues

Hello, Could someone give me a hand?
I am currently learning to use CFrame but I do not understand very well the concept of this, its use and how to use it, could someone explain to me, I would really appreciate it very much.

All this I need to improve my learning.

I have already read the forum post, the documentation and seen some videos, the truth is that I do not really understand what it is for and how to use it, if you could share documented code with me I would appreciate it very much too. :frowning:

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You don’t just learn CFrames, you most likely will want to learn how to use em.

For example you might need to learn how to

  • Rotate a part continuously clockwise along the y axis

  • Move a part up and down continuously

  • Align a part along with the surface

  • Make a part look at a point

  • Make a characters joint or weld part1 look at a position while maintaining the joint position (make characters arm point in a direction)

For each of these tasks will usually require a CFrame formula for example to make a part look at a point from it’s current position, there is a CFrame constructor called CFrame.lookAt().

All these things are pretty complex but luckily if you search online someone else has already done it with the working formula and then the priority becomes understanding it.

Like the CFrame.lookat or, and rotating a part clockwise and the y axis I learnt from Alvinbloxs tutorial which is real good for beginners.

This requires a lot of projects to be successfully with.

Project montage some of it is open sourced take a look if you are interested

My first one was making a turret part connected by a joint look at the mouse. But the method used in this post kinda sucks because it’s too trigonometric and probably measuring the wrong angles, this is the proper turret CFrame method which is what I was only able to do after more CFrame understanding.

My second project was to position a part above the players head then raycast below to orientate it along with the surface to make a self orientating unicycle(open sourced btw).

My major advanced project was combining Joint CFrame maths with inverse kinematics which took a month to do.

So what do you want do with CFrames?


This video does a pretty good job at explaining the basics of CFraming, and its not that long of a video too.