How to change a part's front direction

I have been working on a Rig for about 2-3 hours, and I just noticed now that the reason the animations were messed up is because of the front direction of the parts are facing right, and the back is facing left, etc…

In order to fix this to allow the animations to work, I would need to change each individual part to face the front, doing that will break my entire rig…

Is there any way that I could change the front surface of these parts without rotating them manually?

you can rotate it to the left using cframe.angles

local oldcf = part.CFrame
local offset =CFrame.Angles(0,math.rad(-90),0)
local newcf = oldcf*offset
part.CFrame = newcf

left me know if you have an error or it faces the wrong way

EDIT: I mis-read your post sorry
The reason might be because of your rigs weld/motor6d’s .C0 and .C1
just use this instead if thats the problem

local offset = CFrame.Angles(0,math.rad(-90),0)
motor6d.C0 = motor6D.C0*offset

or try swapping the motor6d’s .Part0 and .Part1 this may also fix it

So I assume you mean something like taking an animation from a different character and putting it into another character so they can have the same animation (or something like that).

If that’s the case sorry to break your heart (skip this to next paragraph if it isn’t the case) but there is actually no way to fix this, :smiley: you’re going to have to redo all the rigs. I’ve done this quiet a few times over the past few years of me rigging and animating and I’ve never found a way so uh… there probably isn’t a way. :cry: Sorry man, hoped there was somebody out there who can find a way to help.

If it wasn’t the case then maybe check which way your HumanoidRootPart is facing, make sure it’s facing the right way.

If none of those were the reason then maybe adding a visual (picture/video) can help explain it a little better.

Hope this helps.