How to change an image into parts

I want to transform each pixel of an image into a part.
I don’t really know how to do this but I did find Photo2Parts - Convert a Photo into Parts which probably works great but I want to upload images of more than 128*128 pixels in size. In the comments I found:


This seems like it would work wonders and do exactly what I want it to do, but I don’t have access to StudioService. Another post similar to this is Image to 3D model? - #12 by Aiza_Teizuki But I did not find anything there. I also found this reddit post Reddit - Dive into anything linking to a reddit post of a video Which shows some java code using a keyword File.
I tried using File() in Roblox but it has next to no documentation on how to use it.
I then folded, following the path that the photo2parts said that you can make a image to parts using an image uploaded to Roblox. Which lead me to using Editable images. But I need to get the resolution of the original image to use :ReadPixels() which should give me color values akin to what the code above should also give me.
I don’t know how to get the resolution of an image, or rather if uploading an image to Roblox. But I got scared that Roblox would downsize my image.
I ask for help on how to either use File() or :GetBinaryContents() on a large uncompressed image file. But getting Editable images and uploading to roblox is better than nothing.

If you must know then I want to do this as I saw a video on the JPEG algorithm and thought “hmm, I can do that”, and this is the first step which I cant do.

I just had a play around with that plugin and you probably dont want to have an image anymore than 128*128 because it’ll get very laggy and hard to move around and to do things with it. You could mess around with the plugin and make it so it creates things in a surface gui? Not too sure

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I am using it now and it does seem good to my needs, when the post gave me the warning I assumed it would cancel, but it seems to do what I want.
Is it worth exploring the other 3 methods I explored? Or are those so obscure/hard that it does not matter?

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