How to change humanoid body part's materials

I have an NPC, and I want it’s body parts to be neon. Obviously just making them neon won’t work, so how do I make it work?

Edit: I have clothes on my NPC, meaning it won’t work. Also, the head never seems to change material. I’d also, if possible, prefer to keep the humanoid curve of body parts.

Could you explain what you mean that making them neon doesn’t work? Have you tried iterating through the NPC’s descendants and making every BasePart’s material Neon?

Yes, it’s just the fact that if you have a humanoid, changing their body part materials does not work. I’m looking for a workaround.


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Ah. I’ll edit my original post with this:

I have clothes on my NPC, which causes it not to work. On top of that, it loses the humanoid curve of the body, and the head doesn’t change material no matter what. How do I fix that?

Right, the head problem as @NoParameters showed would be since the Head meshtype does not support basepart materials. You’d need to replace the mesh with a mesh ID that does, or a new part altogether. Perhaps: How do I add material to a humanoid head?

You’d need to remove the players’ Clothing since neon does not display through non-opaques and the clothing has an alpha channel.

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If you wanted to go real far and make your own R15 rig in say Blender, you could UV map each mesh to the correct part of a ShirtTemplate of the NPC/player’s clothing, and individually texture the bodyparts you want clothing on that way, so the rest would be textureless and properly show neon.