How to change the pose of a dummy through a script

Heya! I’m trying to make a viewport frame of a dummy for a dialogue GUI I’m making, looks like this
I’m trying to make the dummy pose so it fits the dialogue through a script, and I need a little point in the right direction to help me get started. Thanks for any help!

You can use the MoveTo function to move a dummy

local dummy = game.Workspace.Dummy
local flag = game.workspace.USAnimatedFlag

or Moon Animator plugin, After finishing your pose, anchor your dummy before you exit out of the plugin

Maybe make an animation with the animation editor?

I’ll give the animations a shot

Animations worked! If anyone else stumbles upon this thread, make sure to use a worldmodel

bruh i literally gave you the same answer with the exact plugin, never ask anything again on my eyes :angry:

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