How to change/animate faces in Moon Animation Suite!


Hello! My name is ScytheSlayin! I am a decent animation, and I would like to teach you guys how to create a cool animation that changes faces, so you can actually put life into your animation! Cause who doesn’t want to do that?


Setting Everything Up!

  1. Place down any rig, could be yours, your friends, anything! For this I used my avatar.

  2. Get the faces that you want in your animation! For the animation I’m making for the tutorial, I used a “closed eyes” face from the toolbox! So basically the plan is Normal face > Closed eyes (blink) > Normal face


  • Step One: Get the IDs of the faces you want to use. Paste it somewhere you will remember.

  • Step Two: Open Moon Animation Suite and load a new animation. If you don’t know how to do this. Follow these steps. Plugins > Moon Animation Suite > Animation Suite > Moon Animator > New Animation.

  • Step Three: Type an animation name and open it! Hit the plus button below the word “File”. Click the avatar you want to animate and hit the ‘Include Marker Track’ button!

  • Step 4: Animate your scene! I made a simple shaking my head, looking left to right animation! But, you can make your own! Here’s what mines looks like:

    (its of course not the best)

  • Step 5: Now time to do the faces! Click the ‘Markers’ button above your rig. Then hit Tracks > Add to tracks.

    You should see a circle appear, like this:image
    Once that appears, hit ` on your keyboard, or click the Circle > Tracks > Edit Markers.

  • Step Six: Okay, Now you should see something like this:

    Now, we are going to be using code. Simply take this script and paste into where you see Code Begin!

      --[[If there is not enough "face changers" for you, copy and paste lines 7 and 8.
      Make sure to change "YOURNPCNAMEHERE" and "YOURFACETEXTURENAMEHERE" to your 
      NPC's name and your face textures name. 
      The face texture can be found by going to head, and then looking at what the image there is 
        workspace.YOURNPCNAMEHERE.Head.YOURFACETEXTURENAMEHERE.Texture   = " ur asset id here"
           wait (0.1)
         workspace.YOURNPCNAMEHERE.Head.YOURFACETEXTURENAMEHERE.Texture   = " ur asset id here"
           wait (0.1)
        workspace.YOURNPCNAMEHERE.Head.YOURFACETEXTURENAMEHERE.Texture   = " ur asset id here"

Make sure to put your regular face ID at the start, and then the one you want it to change to! Also, Change the wait times to fit your needs, like I did here:

Make sure to Make sure to change “YOURNPCNAMEHERE” and “YOURFACETEXTURENAMEHERE” to your NPC’s name and your face textures name! :wink: And yes, I know, the animation above definitely isn’t great, but I’m leaving the experimenting part, and how to make it look good, to you!

yes i know the blinking looks bad, but it’s just for the tutorial anyways!


Thanks for reading my first tutorial! I hope it helped you, and I hope you enjoyed! Please comment any question you may have, or anything you may have problems with!Also please fell free to comment anything I may have left out! See y’all in the next tutorial, peace! :v:


I’ve removed the tag from your title–that’s what the “optional tags” section is for. :slight_smile:

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Nice tutorial! This will definitely come in handy for me in the future


Hi, this is really cool! But how do I get the Face ID’s? I tried getting them from the catalog, I know there is another way. Sorry for this dumb question.

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It’s fine! What I did is that I went to images via toolbox. I searched up the name of the face I wanted. Then I right clicked it and hit copy ID. Does that help?


Yes! Thanks very much. :grinning: :+1:

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There’s a simpler method to add whatever face you want to your game, and it’s using the InsertService
Simply write in your command bar:
game:GetService("InsertService"):LoadAsset(itemIdHere).Parent = workspace


Sorry for the reply again but I have another question I would like to ask you.

Sure, what’s your question? And don’t worry, asking questions isn’t always bad! :smile:

Why is your animator a different color than mine? I have orange and you have a green thingy

Sorry for late response. You can change it via the theme tab, there are many options there.

Thank you Scythe! I’ve been getting along with the Moon Animation Suite, and this well help a lot!

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Thank You So Much! I Was Trying To Explain How To Use Moon Animator Suite And They Wouldn’t Listen To Me So I Sent Them This Forum Post. Now They Are A Pretty Decent Animator For A Beginner.

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