How to check amount of likes on your game

I seen like counters in some games and I want to know which service you must use in order to create that?

Well, this is the API: (replace PLACE_ID with your Roblox place)
And you might want to follow a tutorial like this if you don’t know how to implement it into your game.

EDIT: Just realized it returns {"errors":[{"code":2,"message":"The requested universe does not exist.","userFacingMessage":"Something went wrong"}]} when met with a PLACE_ID, you actually need to put your place ID here and then put that Universe ID in where it said PLACE_ID earlier. Sorry for the confusion that might have caused.[PLACEID]


This is the correct API endpoint for getting the total number of favorites for any given place ID.
Example request:

You can use the HttpService to request data from websites within your game but bare in mind that you cannot make direct requests to any using the HttpService, instead you’ll have to proxy the request.

More info about that here:

There’s also this site if you don’t want to host your own proxy:

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