How to check if a cframe value changed

I can’t come up with a solution to this, so basically, we have a CFrame,

When the caller passes an argument that is a cframe, I need to listen to some sort of change event.

local ListenForCall = function(cf, f)

cf is the cframe, and f is the function to fire whenever the cf changes


--For this one, you'll need a `CFrameValue`.
Workspace.CFrameValue.Value =, 20, 0)
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local Game = game
local Workspace = workspace
local RunService = Game:GetService("RunService")
local Part = Workspace.Part
local CFrameValue = Part.CFrameValue

local function OnChanged(Value)

local function OnHeartbeat()
	CFrameValue.Value = Part.CFrame


You can constantly update a ‘CFrameValue’ object and use its ‘Changed’ event/signal.

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Its a cframe, theres no parts, this wont work, I said u assign a cframe, a literal one

the function takes in a cframe, no parts, read more carefully then reply, it can be any cframe, a part’s cframe, a actual cframe like,1,1) there’s no parts

Theres no parts you can assign to the function, it takes a CFrame and a function

Now when that cframe changes we call on the function

read more carefully then reply

Learn to implement solutions that might require a refactoring of your code.

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It is possible I misunderstood your question, but it sounds like you have something which will receive a CFrame, and not a property change. If this is the case you could call the function f() whenever the function ListenForCall() is fired.

Otherwise I would create a BindableEvent | Roblox Creator Documentation instead of passing a function through. You would then call :Fire() on the bindable even once the function is called and do bindableEvent.Event:Connect(f) somewhere else in the code.

-- Example w/o bindable event:
function ListenForCall(cf: CFrame, f: Function)

-- Example with bindable event:
local cframeAssigned: BindableEvent ="BindableEvent")

function ListenForCall(cf: CFrame)