How to Contribute on the DevForum [Extra-Brief]

Comedic Version

Important Notice

I am in no way targeting anyone, directly or indirectly. This is is all for improvement purposes (and a wee bit of comedy).

Inspired by @LuckyTux’s Obtaining Full Member for Dummies


This is AirStrategy’s guide on how to get a good reputation and how to get well-known on the Developer Forum.

(1) Read Before Posting

The most humiliating thing that can happen to us is reading an article really quickly and making a comment that is illogical, then having a peer to expose correct us.

(2) Don’t Whine

To me, complaining about things like:

  • Rthro
  • New Member system

Or anything along those lines makes me sit in my chair, laughing. Be logical about what you complain about. Seriously, complaining about an Rthro avatar?

(3) Doing Everything Wrong in Your Studio

Importance: if you are running a studio, you may do one of the following wrong. To make sure no studio owner takes anything offensively, I will hide what I want to say in hidden text.

Doing everything wrong in your studio

Please don’t make a studio with 0 Robux, 100 Robux, 1,000 Robux, 10,000 Robux, or 100,000 Robux, because that won’t get you successful.
When requesting for an investment that is such a small amount, like 150,000 Robux or less, makes you look like you don’t know what you’re doing and you aren’t prepared.
For more information, please read my studio module.

(4) Replying to all Your Topic’s Replies

It’s okay to reply to your topic’s replies, but if someone is complimenting you, don’t just reply with a non-contributive message like “Thanks!” That’s also against the DevForum rules.
(COMEDIC) Don’t reply to your topic’s replies right when they’re made, it makes you look like you’re rushing your post, and you are constantly on the DevForum.

In reality, it is important to make contributive posts and topics, and abide by the Developer Forum rules.


This is not meant to be offensive, but primarily comedic. If you do something wrong, we all make mistakes, especially me, AirStrategy.


Gaining respect is something we all indeed appreciate.
Important notice: what is listed may not be Developer Forum rules.

(1) Contributive Posts

(This is a rule by the Roblox Developer Forum)
Make sure that your reply or topic is logical and abides by all rules. Preferably read the whole topic to know what to comment on, although that is not a rule.
Make sure that the constructive criticism you give can be done by the other person, is helpful and makes sense.

(2) Being Reasonable

(This is not a rule by the Roblox Developer Forum)
Think twice before making your opinion and something public. You may have misunderstood the context, or what you are arguing about does not interest the community and may make you look silly.

FOR STUDIO OWNERS, to add onto this, reasonable/generous pay and business decisions are also helpful.

(3) Replying to Your Topic’s Replies

(This is a rule by the Roblox Developer Forum)
While getting replies is always positive, wether it is feedback or criticism, there is no need to reply to every reply. If a reply is complimenting you, instead of replying with “Thank you”, just like the post.

On the other hand, if someone is asking a question, or has a concern, feel free to answer.

I hope this was at least mildly helpful for you. :slight_smile:


I disagree with number 2. Complaining about things can change someone’s mind, with the right details and evidence.

I am mainly referencing to comedy and how the Roblox community complains about everything like Rthro and Egg Hunts.

To complain about something is fine, we all agree and disagree about something, but it really depends what it’s about. In the context I use ‘complain’, I’m trying to say ‘whining’.

Ah, I get it. Yeah, I agree with whining.


I would also say this a good way to increase the chances of becoming member! Great work! :smiley:

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I don’t understand the purpose of this post. This seems like a bunch of your own opinions shoved into a post to tell the community “Hey, act how I want to act!”


(1) Read before posting

Is this not a rule of the forum? Seems weird to include it as ‘advice’ when it’s just a standard.

(2) Don’t whine

Telling people not to complain is sort of like telling people to not have different opinions than your own. Whenever features are announced/released, people will have differing opinions, and sometimes there’s a mass amount of people who complain about something. Sure, some people will complain just to bandwagon, but almost always when a lot of people are complaining, there’s room for improvement in the thing they are complaining about.

(3) Doing Everything Wrong in Your Studio

Let developers run their studios as they see fit. Not every studio is going to need hundreds of thousands of robux to start, and therefore starting one with the amounts you listed isn’t “doing everything wrong in your studio.”

(4) Replying to all Your Topic’s Replies

It’s already against the forum rules to give short replies such as “Thanks!”, as you stated yourself in your post. There’s no reason to include rule-breaking behavior as ‘advice’.

People can reply to their topic’s replies as quickly or slowly as they see fit. I’ve never once thought someone is “constantly on the DevForum” because they responded to me quickly.

The inception forum category is not for comedic posts or making jokes. If you post a thread here, every part of it will (and should) be taken seriously.

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I though this post would spark up some controversy, and I’ll try fixing it up.

It isn’t a rule but it’s something a lot of people don’t do.

I would advise having it taken down more than anything. If a user’s behavior on the forum is inappropriate, they are contacted by a (lead?) top contributor. They don’t need this post on top of any other post that already exists to help them use the forum.

I feel very certain you are supposed to read a post before responding.

People mostly just type what pops into there head, the read when it’s done then edit. I speak soon my selfs and friends who have done this.

I will be fixing this post up, please have some patience.

I have fixed up this post to make more sense and be more logical. Sorry for the former inconveniences.

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How can you write a “How to Be Known Well on the DevForum” post when I haven’t even seen you post before :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. I would put this in #lounge as well.


Hey. I appreciate the shoutout to be, but I want to address (briefly) what you did incorrectly throughout this post.

What credibility do you have to write this post? Why are you the best person to be writing it? Does this mean you too are well known?

These questions popped in my head immediately when I read the overview. It doesnt seem like you are ready to be writing something of this caliber especially on your fifth day of the devforum.

Could have been worded more professionally and politely, but I have no problems with the message itself.

Major disagreement. “Whining” is how I got my start and how people noticed who I was. One of my first articles was me “whining”.

I read your bulletin post and would like to point out that your perspective on that is completely wrong. Different projects require different fundraising and roles. To say that one model of developers is the “right” model is foolish and arrogant.

No need to reiterate the rules.

No problems with this.

Basically, you should follow your advice and think before you post


That’s not a good thing to have in mind when making a ‘tutorial’ [as mentioned in tags]. Ironic as it is, I don’t think this post makes enough of an impact or has enough effort put into it in order for it to be in the forums.

It’s a harmless joke… I’m guessing you have never read one of @LuckyTux guide? (not sponsored)

I’ve skimmed over the one linked in this thread. There’s a huge difference between that thread and this thread, especially the fact that this thread originally tried to play itself off like it was a guide on how to become well-known on the forums here, being written by someone who is brand new to the forums.

LuckyTux’s guide seems to come from a place of knowledge and experience, while this one comes off to me like it has no useful information. Besides basic forum etiquette and reading the rules, this thread just throws around a bunch of opinions. I explained this in my post you responded to.

Comedic posts are fine, but they should also be good posts when taken serious. This one honestly fulfills neither side. It treats itself like it’s a guide which doesn’t work when a lot of it is just the OP’s opinion.

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