Why is Experimental Mode Still An Option?

As a scripter, I initially learned the basics through local scripts; however, with the removal of all users playing “experimental mode” games, it begs the question as to why it’s even still an option? Why isn’t it just automatically set to enabled so we don’t have to manually adjust it every single time? Since most of my projects involve universes, it drives me nuts to have to change all of them! Is there a reason for it still to exist if users can’t share their creations?

Edit: Changed “filtering disabled” to Experimental Mode for simplicity.


Well, assuming they very recently just changed the way everything within FE and such works maybe they haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe try staging your question as a suggestion for them in the long run.

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With all due respect, I would word it as a suggestion if it wasn’t a serious question that needed an answer.

uhhhhhhh, I honestly dunno. Older games?

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Fully understood, would you mind rephrasing the question for me? I’m having a little trouble understanding if you don’t mind.

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But “older games” won’t work.

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I asked if there is a reason for it to exist if players can’t share their creations publicly.

In my eyes, there are two reasons for this, even though they are not the greatest:

Firstly, Roblox is a platform for people of all ages and skill levels to learn to make their own games, as simple or complex as they are. To some new and/or inexperienced developers, Filtering is a difficult concept to grasp at first, and to learn, they leave it off.

Secondly, many smaller games and/or communities have not converted their games yet. Up until now, scripting for filtering disabled has been a much easier option, and since them or a moderator are often in the game when people are playing, they can just ban exploiters. I have seen this become more and more common with people contacting me with “Can you convert my game [and/or tools] to filtering enabled”.


RIP classic games.

First tix, then guests. Now the classic games?


Experimental mode in my eyes is a conventional way to move developers towards FE, while it also allows for developers to test in a safe enviorment in which only friends join.

RIP all the games that I made in 2008-2013


Not to mention, clearing the games in which exploitation is easier will lessen the overall use of exploiting in Roblox.

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Although I understand your logic, I completely disagree. I’ve worked with these communities and they cannot play their games together anymore. Experimental games being locked to the owner do not help anyone. It just prevents new players from being able to share their work with other players because they don’t understand how to change it.

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But won’t this hurt more than it will help since it will prevent users from moving on and creating content to help push the site forward?

I don’t think we disagree at all. The changes in policy are forcing people to like I said, seek out people to convert their games, many are just still in the process

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I don’t think there’s really any real winning situation. You either clean over old games that are being used in theory as “exploiting platforms” or you clear it all and further protect the platform for the future.

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In due time I think all classic games will be eventually converted over for people to play, just a matter of working on them.

probably just a legacy feature

like, this is a feature that was grandfathered into being permanent because of the quantity of older games on the platform

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I thought it is automatically enabled. Everytime you open a new studio file anyway. However if you’re referring to games. With the recent change. it really isn’t needed for Non-Filtered games to be forcefully filtered. Plus a ton of older games are non-filtered.

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Those older games aren’t even visitable anymore

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