How to create an empty game lobby and make it unviewable. How to get data from another game

So I’m creating a game with some people and we are trying to figure out how you can create a new lobby to a different game (Owned by the group of course) and teleport the players there. For example this game right here . This is a very cool game and shoutout to the devs who made it. Back to the question, so this game has something called a Tournament Of Power also know has the TOP and what happens is it teleports you to and a bunch of other players to an empty game where it is held. That game is also un-viewable and un-joinable from the roblox site. Basically meaning you can only get there by being teleported by the original game. How do you do something like that? Also here is a video example of what I mean:

How would you get data from another game as well? because it also does it in that video

It also does this with pvp matches.

So how would I script this? I know how to teleport players but literally no clue on how to make a new sever and stuff. Is it something about api services? idk please help thx!

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Hey there, this has already been discussed before but here’s what you can do.

You can use TeleportService and then teleport the player with TeleportData and you can grab that teleportdata using Player:GetJoinData()

You can also add a custom loading gui which could make the empty lobby game unviewable.

What data do you want to collect? If you’re talking about DataStores, you can use the same DataStore across all places in a game universe.

To make the lobby unviewable, you can reserve a server and teleport using this:

local TeleportService = game:GetService("TeleportService")

local Players = game.Players:GetPlayers() -- change this to who you want to teleport

local success, response = pcall(function()
	local ServerID = TeleportService:ReserveServer(placeIDHere)
	TeleportService:TeleportToPrivateServer(placeIDHere, ServerID, Players)

I think you worded it wrong to where everyone misunderstood. I believe what you are trying to do is add a place where whenever you try to teleport to that exact game, it will bounce you back to the start game, which is just done by opening a published place and adding on from here.


So it’s clear: the place is still viewable from the Roblox website, but it’s harder to discover as it’s hidden from most pages except the creator’s inventory. The only place of a game that will actively show is the Start Place. Attempting to join a place in a game will send the player to the Start Place, provided they have sufficient permission to access the game.

The above post explains how you can add a new place to your game which you can teleport to. If you want to create a new server that can’t be joined except through teleporting, ReservedServer is what you’re looking for. If you need data from another place, use DataStores (for player data and such) or TeleportData (for constants that, if changed, would not critically affect gameplay).