How to create particles in GUI?

I’ve noticed that many games have excellent GUI performance, and it seems like they achieve this by adding particles to their GUI. Take a look at this picture from Anime Champions Simulator as an example:

I’ve tried adding particles to a ViewportFrame or a WorldModel, but it didn’t work as expected.


Could anyone share insights on how they manage to add effects to their GUI? I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions.

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idk if you can check the second img, i’ll post it here:

the three parts are exactly the same.

They are custom particle systems that either replicate Roblox’s particles with imagelabels, or they just simply animate the imagelabels themselves, creating a particle effect.

You could be right, but I believe that this approach would require a large number of images. Just the thought of handling so many images already exhausts me. Let’s figure out a efficient solution.

This might help you : How to add Particles in ScreenGui

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Thank you for your response. So it seems that there is no way to add true particles to a ScreenGui . Instead, we can achieve similar effects by using images.

I believe that there is an open source module for this. I’ll try finding it for you.
rParticle: The light weight, open source, GUI particle system - Resources / Community Resources - Developer Forum | Roblox

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