How to detect hit side

  1. How do I find which side of a part another part hit, like if it was the front, back, right, top etc. Thank you so much, BMWLux.

You can raycast the point to the part, and get the normal hit.

What do you mean “normal hit” like im saying two parts collide, I want to get the face of where the collision occurred

Exactly, you can raycast to get the surface, aka normal or normal hit (Idk which).

With normal, is 0,0,1 like considered the “front” of something?

Well, I can’t say so much because I don’t know so much about normal. After seeing many posts about it, I can say it’s a complicated process.

I hope this, or any related posts helps you.

for the blood splatter to be rotated correctly, you need to find the surface normal not the face.

check this out, I believe they had the same problem as you