How to effectively test in-game sounds

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I have a gun system and I’m trying to test the sound, but obviously, I cannot hear two tabs at once. I was wondering if there was a good way of doing this IN roblox, so i can adjust the settings.

(Also when I play the sounds in studio I do not hear them. Is this a bug of some sort?)

There’s probably as easier way but what I do for things like this is publish the game for friends only or whitelist my alt account, then join on both my computer (on my main) and my phone (on the alt). This works for testing the audio but you probably won’t be able to use the guns on mobile unless you added mobile support

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Actually, I was contemplating this, but then I realized I’d have to go in, test, update the sound in studio, publish the game, and repeat for any sound In my game.

Personally I feel like the sound should be emulated in the studio workspace, as if the game was running, so that developers have a sense of how something sounds before hand

(Wish I could make a feature request right about now)

Yeah it’s not convenient but as of right now it’s the only way I know. Do tell if you’re able to find a better method because it would save me tons of time :sweat_smile:

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Will do! Hopefully others share some methods they have to testing sound, since this seems to be a very tedious process for developers.

there should be a mute/unmute button in the studio top bar (forgot what tab it was in)

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Finally Found the solution

Settings>Studio> Audio

Still inefficient but better than nothing

Just open up a two-player server like done here: