How to enable clouds in Roblox Studio Mod Manager

Hey guys,

You all probably know that clouds have been announced recently, and I just found a way to try them out for yourself!

How to:

  1. Get CloneTrooper1019’s studio mod manager here

  2. Set Studio Branch to sitetest2.robloxlabs

  3. Click Edit Fast Flags and search for a flag called “RenderClouds”

  4. Click on it and press the “Override Selected” button

  5. Then in overrides set it to TRUE

Done! Now start studio and insert the “Clouds” instance into Lighting!


Morning sky settings and clear sky(box). Yes, it does look like they work with SunRays, however quite weirdly as you may see here.

Night. To be more exact, time at 23 and every property set to 0/0,0,0 (except PBR properties), looking kind of too bright and weird (snip tool made it darker than it actually is)

Clouds with atmosphere. Atmosphere seems to render behind the clouds so they are always on top

Clouds with Fog

My opinion on clouds as of right now (I know they might be subject to change but… doubt it):
PATHETIC. Clouds are incredibly blurry and have rendering artifacts all over the place. Sunrays also look weird when going through clouds.

Really roblox? It’s 2020 and you are finally bringing us a simple cloud feature and you can’t even make it on-par with 7th gen games, or let alone implement it in a decent way?

My expectations of new roblox features such as this haven’t been high for the past few years but this is just sad…

EDIT: If you think it’ll change much by the release then, well, see you in a few months lol


Could this have any risks or cause any sort of damage? Just a bit worried.

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Wdym? To your place/file? I’m sure it won’t but just to be on the safe side I would highly suggest not to save or publish or anything.

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I was finding for this… Thanks!

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Now we just need volumetric lighting!

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Dude what are you saying? This is a feature not even released to the public yet and you are bashing them. this makes no sense when it is not a public feature.


I clearly stated I’m judging the clouds based on their current state, however we had issues with many new features even after they were released so it’s not too unrealistic for the clouds to be released like that

You probably won’t understand my years of frustration with the abysmal lack of basic features like this on roblox unless you try to develop games that look at least semi-realistic or just not lowpoly or whatever


I agree. Also I can’t believe they’ve been working on this for four years and came up with this.


really? I thought it popped up in the roadmap only this year or late 2019 at best. Still no excuse lol

I believe it wasn’t in the roadmap until about a year ago, but there were videos of the roblox developers trying to create volumetric clouds going as far back as 2016. Specifically:
EDIT: I’m not 100% sure if that video was from an official Roblox developer, but it does show that people have created volumetric clouds up to 4 years ago in Roblox that imo looked better.

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Is it just me or it looks like the exact same system just a bit different in appearance? It even has the same weird artifacts the new ones have

The bottoms were flatter and there was more fragmentation, but there was less of a grain effect near the edges which imo is why I think those ones looked better a bit.

I agree with this it’s impossible to make games that look good that aren’t meant to be low poly, just getting rain to not go through roofs is a difficult task without causing major lag and now these clouds look like this with barely enough properties.

when the fov isnt 70 it does a weird bug
they will probably fix it on release though


Looks like the clouds render in inverted FOV



Thank you for making this post to help people enable clouds, but…

They were just announced a few days ago (Yes they were on the road map but I’m referring to the Dev Forum post.), give Roblox some time to get this working and finished! Do you really think that they would release crap clouds to a game that can look amazing? I don’t think so. Give the nice people some time and in due time they will look amazing, just like everything else.


I find it funny how you are complaining at an unfinished product.


I can’t get it to work:

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I edited the fast flag for the clouds feature and enabled it and everything and it just doesn’t show up in-game, all the other flags work tho

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Assuming you’ve played any 7th+ gen game, name me one feature (that’s worth-mentioning) they’ve added in the past 5 years that wasn’t half-assed in terms of implementation or looks?

I’m not even like joking or over-exaggerating or anything literally every single one has been implemented either in a bad way or was broken or doesn’t have enough controls