How to fix GUI scaling

Every time I make something like a Shop GUI its size looks good in studio but in game either too big or too small, yes I do change the size thing to scale


Ive been noticing this to today when i went into studio my gui was scaled diffrently then when i left and on of my guis were missing…

Are you only changing the parts I circled and not the offsets? I don’t understand how it would look bad in game but not in studio if you do that. Are you referring to the location looking weird? You could set the position’s scale to 0.5 and then the offset to half the size of the size on the axis you want but negative. For example, if you want it in the center for the X axis, with 70 as the length of the gui on the X axis, you put 0.5 on the scale and then for the offset you put -35 (half of 70 multiplied by -1).

If you just move the guis around in studio instead of changing them directly from the properties, I can see why this issue has happened. You stated that you:

so I do not know. Maybe try what I said and see if it still looks weird?

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As said I do change it (using a plugin)

I don’t see the issue then. Are you sure the plugin does it properly?

yes, i dont remmber the plugin name but its autoscale or something

What if you try without the plugin?

idk how to convert offset into scale but i use the plugin to make it easier

@Philipceo90 @Plasmacticus My gui does this to my position is set to scale and my scale is set to scale no offset at all!

In studio:

In game:

for me its either too big or too small

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probably because you used offset in the size? unless you want the size to be scaled, i recommend making guis that are with the other guis using offset. i dont know though. could i see the properties?

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That black background of the Main Home Frame (the one that was really stretched)
Woops! That was the wrong gui sorry!
Real gui

what could be the issue with the guis that i started the topic with

what about the gui on top? maybe it has something to do with that? scaling is weird so i’d just use offset for size and only scale for position.

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Nope infact its a completely seprate frame from the one on top its parent is the screenGui object itself.
Gosh i wish that UIStroke would be released already…

try using scaling like i said. 1 is the entire screen, wheras 0 isn’t. you can think of it like a percentage except divided by 100 (or if you know how percentages work you could think of it like the actual value of the percentage). i cant really help you if you cant scale the guis like that. if you want them to have consistent size, use offset and ONLY offset.

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In studio taking the original background for the home gui.
With Offset on in a HD 1080 1920x1080 device simulator:

With scale:

that post was replying to the other person. also it seems scaling makes it look weird. try use the offset to make the background fit? make sure the entire gui uses offset when doing this.

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Ok i fixed it i think so theres this plugin that makes UIAspectRatioConstraint’s For you (It also changes your gui’s size to offset or scale same with position)
And it made my gui not be stretched!
Heres the link to the gui if you need it, AutoScale Lite - Roblox

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never knew about that plugin! i’ll be sure to use it!