How to fix mesh collision problem?


I made a mesh in blender and tested it out by walking on it but it seems that the collisions are off.

[Images above: Player “floats” in air when walking over the mesh and only steps onto the mesh at the highest and lowest points.]

I understand that it is something about Roblox rounding off the collision, so is there a solution to this?


There have been tons of these threads, and there are many solutions, please use the search tool next time. Here is one explanation and solution:

Here’s another:

And here is my personal approach:


Thanks for the answer, I think I’ve found the solution I’m looking for.

I do want to clarify that I did use the search bar and only managed to find threads from Platform Feedback about improving mesh collision detection.

Anyway, thanks for the solution, now I can continue my development without worrying about how to solve this collision issue. Thanks!


Let me know if the solution works out for you, I am having the same problem.



Yes, the solution works. What I did, was to gauge which parts looked concave and separate them into two different meshes.

Here’s a visual representation:

[Image 1: Combined together as one mesh, the player walks over the purple area.]

[Image 2: Splitting the parts at concave areas (the purple part) allows for better collisions.]

Do note that if you have irregular meshes just like mine, the more you separate the meshes, the better and more accurate the collision becomes.