How to fix Weird Skinned Mesh/Custom Rig Deformations

Hey Devs! In this Small Tutorial, I’m going to show you how to fix the mesh deform when using Armatures

Ever had this issue? And you exported your mesh with an armature but it’s moving weird
In case the gifs don’t load in on the post



What you have to do is called WEIGHT PAINTING

What is weightPainTING

Well weight painting is what the bones affect on the Mesh
As seen above in the 2 Gifs that show the issue you currently having


Incase it doesn’t load in here is the Link

You first select the Armature then you need to hold down the ctrl button (or shift button either should work) then select the mesh you want to weight paint. While still having the Armature Selected
Change the Mode from Object Editing to Weight Painting and no the other options that appear do not work for weight painting

If the Weight Paint doesn’t show up in the Dropdown menu you maybe did the order wrong.

In case you don’t understand watch the gif. If the gif doesn’t load or is dead the link is under the How to enable weightpaint gif,

As you can see in the upcoming image your mesh should show the following colors. Blue, Cyan, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red

So what do the colors mean?
What colors are there and what do they do?

Dark Blue means The bone doesn’t affect that area of the Mesh at all
Cyan means it affects the mesh by a little bit
Green means it affects the mesh more
Yellow affects it more
Orange affects it strongly
Red is what is affected fully

Note: For those who are color blind I’m very sorry I sadly cannot explain how it would look for you guys

how PainTING (1)

There are 3 options

The first option is you slowly draw on your mesh to assign what your bone should affect

The Second Option is a bit slower but way more effective this method uses the Vertex Group feature which lets you assign which vertex points will your bones affect. The fun part of this is you can remove the weight paint in one single click than drawing over it.

The third option is similar to the second option. If you press TAB you switch into edit mode and you then select the faces on the mesh that you want your Bone to affect similar to the second option it also gives you the Vertex group option to assign and remove the weight paint. To switch back into Weightpaint mode just press tab button again Blender will switch you back into the weight paint mode so no need to worry about redoing the first step selecting the mesh and armature

but before we dive into it we first need to prepare everything before we can do the fun process called weight painting


If you wanna take the first Option which is to paint on the Mesh I advise you to do the following steps

Find the Fall off Button/Brush once selected click the Blocky Arch. This will make the brush paint the same weight paint value across the red circle that you hover over with.

The falloff option is not really needed but it makes your job a bit easier so try it out if you want

The second thing you need is the weight paint tool options are visible at all times however if they do not show up you can use the right-click option this also saves you time and reduces your hand movement by a bit because you don’t need to constantly move your cursor to the top of the screen to change the weight paint strength or size

Quick warning this does not include the fall off option you still need to change it by moving to the top of your screen or anywhere else on your screen in case you changed your layout

In case the Gif doesn’t load here are the Links


To select the other bones you need to hold ctrl and then click the bone you want

Now for those people who want to use the Second Option

First you need to find the Cube Icon with a tiny smaller brighter cube inside its icon once found press it
As you can see small green cubes (green in my case yours may be white or a different color depending on what color you have set it) These cubes are the Vertex you can click each of them and you can then click one vertex and click the assign option however to decrease the time to assign it to select the cubes you need with ctrl and the cubes you have select you then go to the vertex group option and press assign see way less time wasted.

The downside of this is that you have to constantly leave the cube mode to be able to change to a different bone. But this option is very helpful since you can get one vertex you don’t want to be affected clearly faster.

The third option is the exact same thing but it sends you into the edit mode and is less annoying to hit small cubes that you can mostly not select or hit or assign. And this option is also the fastest but also more sloppy at the same time. Use this option only when you have a simple rig



If you still have some weird deformations select one bone and move the bone around with the G button or rotate the bone with the R button to find which bone causes issues this is very helpful to clean off the wrong assigned weight paint data that the auto weight paint option did when parenting it onto the mesh. The wrong weight paint assignment does not happen when Empty Vertex Groups are selected.

For Default Position press the following. Press Alt + R to reset the Rotation and Alt + G to reset the Location Alt + S for scale reset.

To Exit Weight Paint Mode just click the Weight Paint Mode where it normally says Object Mode and switch into Object Mode

This is the End of the Tutorial enjoy your fix
Finished Product

I made a more clear version of the Animation Importing into a different Post you can check it out HERE

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If there are some grammar issues or someone knows how the colors look for color blind people for weight painting.
You can message me or reply here I will fix the small grammar issues
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