How to fix wonky Re-Size on A Scrolling Frame

Have you ever had that annoying scrolling frame bug, Where when you size up a UI element, It becomes wonky?

So Let’s Get Down With This.

First You add a Frame into your Scrolling frame. Resize so that it will fit all of the scrolling frame. Don’t worry. This is the only painful part.

Resize it so it will fit into the scrolling frame’s canvas. If it Disappears, Set its position to 0,0,0,0 from the properties tab.

Now add in al your UI elements into that frame.

I’ve made my frame transparent here. Now as you can see the UI elements won’t Yeet out of position. Hope This helped you. This is my very first post here, I just really can’t help it to post this as my first. Feedback is really appreciated. I hope this helps you!

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Alternatively, you could modify the Size and Position in the properties tab of the UI element you want to move to avoid using the wonky UI editor.

Also, if someone else hasn’t done it already, you can file a bug report in #platform-feedback:studio-bugs about this issue.

edit: nevermind, someone else already did


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I was going to say, the entire resize/position interface is wonky to begin with. Editing the properties directly is a much more efficient and accurate method.


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Thanks for this! I had needed help from this a while back!

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Thank you so much! This is a life safer for my game right now!