How to focus light on a very specific area?

I’m currently trying to make the following image light up:

The problem is though, with all Point, Spot and Surface lights, the best I can achieve is:

This is undesirable as the surrounding area also lights up.

Is there anyway to prevent this so only the square image lights up?

Note: I’ve tried adapting the angle, brightness, range, faces and distance from the part but to no avail each time.


You can try using a SurfaceGui instead, with LightInfluence set to 0.

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This works well to an extent but unfortunately doesn’t achieve the desired brightness:


Target Brightness:

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The lighting voxels are pretty big, so you really can’t use dynamic lighting to achieve the effect that you want without the light bleeding into the surroundings.

Try increasing the brightness of the image itself in something like and then use SurfaceGuis again.

EDIT: Actually, just to clarify, do you also want the lighting around the picture frame?

A very small border, yes, which currently appears impossible to achieve with the current light instances.

Something like this for example would be the effect I’m looking for:


Yeah, you’re not going to get that effect with dynamic lighting without moving everything else out of the way.

You can try faking the glow by using another SurfaceGui situated behind the frame, I guess.

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Expect the FIB to be live, because then lighting is so much better and probably less bleeding.:thinking:

Let’s hope for FIB to come out soon. Can’t wait for v17, as the current version crashes in a detailed place of mine due to maximum RAM usage of 32-bit!

Looks pretty good. One thing I would change, is the pixilations in the image.

Maybe make a light and place it behind the wall so it casts onto the brick, but from the other side, so only a small portion of the brick wall is illuminated?

(not sure if this would work)

I’d reccomend unmarking this thread as solved as you haven’t achieved what you’re trying to get.

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Attempted this too - it has the same effect or none at all if far away

I’d recommend using neon behind the image or making the face of the image a surface light. If those don’t work I’d try reducing the angle of the light itself which can be achieved in properties. Using darker colours also allows for less light so try lowering the brightness of the light source in the colour palette.
Hope this helps!

Unfortunately none of these work either. When a neon block is placed slightly behind a slightly transparent image, the image becomes slightly distorted instead of lighting up.

Have you tried making a light emitting block semi or fully transparent in front of the image? That could work but it would use more artificial looking lighting.

Modifying the light-emitting part’s transparency doesn’t appear to affect the light influence in anyway:

I meant using the object (neon) to give the part a artificial glow by making it partially transparent.

Try using some image object with LightInfluence at 0, with the texture acting as the light.
Then make it transparent (if it isn’t already), and put it in front of the wall.

That way you can make sure the “light” hits only near the frame, without actually using any light objects.

This appears to increase the image’s lightness more than that of a light effect:

I believe it does work if you change the angle value to somewhere around 0.2 or 0.3, pretty sure it has be below 1 and above 0.2 or something. I figured that out when I was experimenting with a SpotLight.