How to get back old studio icons

These new icons are hurting my eyes, I don’t mind the new look but the colours are all the same now! and I have to triple check if I’m selecting the right thing or not, its hurting my brain!

Can someone please tell me how to get back the old studio icons!

Any help appreciated!

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This Youtube video can help you. If this doesen’t work. You have to find an asset pack that includes old Studio icons.

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I don’t think that works anymore as Roblox has negated the “ClassImages” file.

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I searched and there isn’t any real icon pack that brings back the old icons. You have to use something like Refurb’d or Vanilla 3. Or, you can try MaximumADHD’s Roblox Studio Mod Manager which supposedly brings back old ROBLOX icons. If those don’t suit for you. You sadly have to stay with old icons.