How to get free cursor with first person camera / zoom?

I see when I zoom max in (first person), the cursor is auto locked in the center of screen. Is there any functionality to override this and have a free cursor also in first person? I tried this game:GetService("UserInputService").MouseBehavior = Enum.MouseBehavior.Default on a key event with no luck.


Make a GUI frame and turn modal to true

My bad, make a text button and turn Modal to true.

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Can you share a code snippet? I don’t understand how to make Modal true

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You need to create a new ScreenGui, insert a TextButton and make it span across the entire screen, make it transparent, remove the text, enable the ‘Modal’ property which makes it where your mouse won’t be locked in the center if your mouse is over it while zoomed in, disable the ‘Selectable’ property so you cannot interact with it on console, and then disable the ‘Active’ property so you can zoom in and out.


If you want to be able to drag your mouse around to move the camera around though, you will have to set the button in the exact center of your screen and change the size to 2x2 in offset.