How to get onto featured category

Heya, i’m working with a team on a game which currently has an average concurrent of about 300-1000 players. and we were wondering how to get onto featured sort.

I found this post however it appears heavily outdated so I was wondering what the latest way to get onto the sort is?

We meet the guidelines so its more just where to apply.

Many thanks.


The featured sort is automatic now.

There used to be something similar to effectively replace featured, called LiveOps, but Roblox has put that on hold. Roblox 2019 Events Update | An update on Live Ops

As of now, I don’t think there’s any sorts that you can apply to be on. You just have to hope the algorithm catches your game and puts it on featured.

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Is there any sort of documentation of the criteria the algorithm follows for you to reach the sort?

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Sorry, it’s not an algorithm. It’s managed by a team that look for games to put on it.

They look for games that match this list of criteria:

I would assume that just meeting the criteria isn’t enough.


So we just have to hope they recognise us?

You can apply to be in the Rthro page if your game support Rthro

Featuring early adopters of Roblox technology

We are talking about featured, not rthro. thank you for input tho.

It’s really hard to get on the featured page based off of what I’ve seen. I think your game has to be well developed and fun for varieties of players. It should also be very unique, because most of the things I see on the featured page are types of games that have very original ideas. Additionally, you should probably make plenty of advertisements so admins will acknowledge your game. If I were you I’d ask somebody who’s game has made it on to the featured page, I have no idea what can help you’re game make it on the featured page besides what I’ve already mentioned. Good luck!