How to get rid of this disgusting top bar menu?

Is there a way to get rid of this icon at the upper left corner and disable the roblox menu from being opened? If so then how?

I want it to where you can only leave the game if you close the app, and the menu can’t be accessed on all devices. I am aware that this is what’s called a “CoreGUI” and it’s drilled directly into the roblox app’s code. But it ruins the atmosphere just a little. I know how to set coregui to false with the startergui but that wont get rid of the roblox menu. I’ve seen scam games before that straight up made the menu icon disappear. My goal isn’t to scam of course, I want to replace Esc with my own custom pause menu.


check this out

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Wow this actually possible and works! I appreciate the help!


The big problem with this workaround is that your own guis won’t work meaning your custom escape menu is impossible. Plus, what if I wanted to change my graphics quality, language, or game volume? Removing the menu makes it impossible for your players to do that, which is sure to cause lots of frustration. Lastly, this is a bug and may be patched at any time. Please don’t use my workaround solution! Every other game has it, get with the program!


This has been patched for a while now.

aint working bruh how is this even working

Put a script inside of replicatedfirst that renames the local player’s PlayerGUI to something else. It still works for me.

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Do u have the whole Roblox menu working? Or revamped Roblox menu ??

you prolly aint doing it right

I don’t know why you are concerned about hiding a simple button. You’ve made like 5 posts asking how. Please stop.

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