How is it possible to remove the roblox menu?

I don’t think this should be possible, but I found a game that manages to straight up remove the ability to open the menu and the menu button.
I would like to know if someone knows how this works.

If you join this game:
Edit: Disclaimer: this game was updated and now contains horror material

You will notice that it’s missing the roblox menu button and you cannot open the menu with esc.

Image for those of you who don’t want to join:

Do you have any idea on how this works and how to replicate it?
Pretty sure this isn’t something that should be possible and it’s totally not allowed.
Didn’t find much information about this in the devforum or other places.


Another game did this a while ago, but it no longer works. There are some theories on a post about it here


That is the only useful thing I found about this.
If someone has more I would love to know.

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I messaged the developer and he has a solution! Just place a LocalScript in ReplicatedFirst and change the name of PlayerGui to something else. This makes some core script glitch out and prevents it from loading.



You can use scripts for this but remove the ability to select what key it reacts to. Any attempts to edit the code will result in the Roblox menu being faster than this.

local RunService = game:GetService("RunService")

local ScreenGui ="ScreenGui")
ScreenGui.ResetOnSpawn = false
ScreenGui.Parent = game.Players.LocalPlayer.PlayerGui
local TextBox ="TextBox")
TextBox.Visible = false
TextBox.Size =, 0, 0, 0)
TextBox.BackgroundTransparency = 1
TextBox.Parent = ScreenGui

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broken did not work any solution???

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You’re not suppossed to remove the Core Gui, so I recommend you don’t do it.


well i already tried but there is a game that still is allowed and I have this :

game.Players.LocalPlayer.PlayerGui.Name = "u wanne die"
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someone done it

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this particular workaround has been patched for quite some time. Please see this post for reasons on why this is a bad idea in the first place.

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please stop replying i already fixed it