How to get the Roblox Byfron loading screen

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I saw this Roblox loading screen trending on Twitter and many people wondered how to get it on YOUR Roblox (yes it is possible but you will need a different launcher).

  1. Go to Release Bloxstrap v2.5.2 · pizzaboxer/bloxstrap · GitHub and download the .exe file

  2. Once the Bloxtrap Menu pops up, go to appearance, select the “Fake Byfron” style and click Save.



It’s part of Bloxstrap, because we remade the style from scratch. We thought it would be funny to make it functional.

Also, what?


bloxstrap is safe AND open source haha pizzaboxer is a g
if you want you can make your own custom bootstrapper but thats off topic + complicated, so it would be tough to explain on devforum

bloxstrap has a better explanation in its devforum post

how is oss not safe, @xtremeguy2256 is trusted by thousands of people

This guy is just weird, I’ve actually had to mute and hide all of the replies he makes just because of one, how little thought he puts into them, and two, how blatantly he wants to have a “different” or unexpected opinion. I dont know why the devforum keeps sending me topics he’s in.

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i believe its just trying to get attention

the amount of low effort posts this guy makes is insane and yeah, he just wants to be different. which is fine. but this is like different in the type of weird

tbh i dont mind reading them lol, its fun to see which extremely (101%) biased opinion he has, or the blatant post copy


What? Why don’t you trust him? That is the weirdest comment I’ve heard today lol.

There was a byfron loading screen???
Since when… Literally never knew about it
oop i also meant to reply to the post xd

There never was… It’s an add-on/modified version to the Roblox Client

yes, people used bloxstrap to fake it and it got popular on X and massive youtubers talked about it

ahh ok. It looks pretty cool tbh n they should add it

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No, we added it AFTER people faked it.