How to Handle Marketplace NotProcessedYet When Player Returns?

I have a game where I am only allowing the player to hold five items at one time. You cannot purchase an item, unless you have four or less things in your hands at the time of purchase, since I immediately add the purchased item to the player’s toolbar.

After reading about the NotProcessedYet state of a purchase, it sounds like if the player comes back to the game, within 3 days after a failed transaction, it will be automatically attempted again.

So I’m envisioning the scenario of a purchase being initiated, the player logging off the game before it’s complete then coming back at a later time, picking up five items then Marketplace completes the previous transaction and my code fires to add the item to the player’s toolbar, which of course is now already full.

Is this a scenario that could happen? If so, I suppose I’ll have to deal with it somehow, like looking for a delayed transaction then placing the item in some kind of special inventory or something and notifying the player. Is that a correct line of thinking?


I don’t think NotProcessedYet will suspend for that long. But if it does happen, you should just not give them the item. It is a crude sounding approach, but I don’t think it will happen too often. Tell them their purchase failed? Alternatively, you could try the “hidden” inventory scenario. But that could allow them to queue up lots of items.

I’d like to see other’s input on this.

Thanks for the reply. If I followed your approach, their Robux would be spent with no product to show for it, or am I understanding that wrong?