How to import mesh bigger then limit?

Hi, my question is simple, i am importing big objects and i found, that the limit is realy big problem, is there some usefull plugin, … to import bigger mesh?


Step 1: Understand that the limit is there for a reason, and if you want people to be able to play on devices like phones there’s a limit to how much geometry you can squeeze in a game.

Step 2: If you have a legitimate use case like building large mesh based terrain / buildings then you can manually split the meshes up before you export them from the program you’re making them in.

the game is pc only

and how to put it together

I’m not a modeler, but I remember someone discovering a trick to use the new fbx character importer as a way to import meshes in place. I think it’s this plugin

Simple. Don’t.

the limit is there for a reason, to make sure the game doesn’t significantly slow down for some. Also, even so, I don’t think there is anything that can import over the limit.


Ok, so what to do with it, when my game design is based on having there ships, and good looking ship is larger then 10 000 triangles.

Any way to seperate the meshes into more manageable pieces and sort of placing them together?

Separating is ok, but how to place them together?

Just import into the game and drag and drop the mesh bricks together until it resembles what you wanted to make.

Manually putting your meshes together is a pain to do. There is a way easier solution if you import your meshes through the game explorer. Check out this post Mesh Splitting Enabled for Uploading Multi-Mesh Files


lol thx, I saved lots of time :happy4:

and btw, how to texture splitted mesh

Gotta chop it into parts then weld in roblox