How to (Kind of) calculate how much sales/players you'll get

A couple of minutes ago I saw someone making a discussion about how much 1500 gets you on advertising How much dose 1500 Robux Get you on advertising?
I came up with a solution that I thought I might share.
I have 2 “Solutions” to this. My first solution is thinking about the game and calculating how much would click it, an example would be 1500 Robux, this would get you an estimated 172595 impressions, now you’ll need to calculate some stuff. Let’s say 1 in every 75 impressions might join, divide it with the estimation we have gotten and we’ll get a possible 2301 players/buyers.
Now, let’s say you want to make it certain you’ll get a good ad and make a profit off of it. To do this you might need to go on a platform and ask complete strangers if they’d click this ad. 10 would be enough people, you’ll then need to calculate it, so let’s say 3/10 said they would click it, you’ll need to calculate some stuff. This’ll then be 30 percent, you’ll now need to calculate 30% of 172595 and this’ll give us 51778. It might not be as accurate but you’ll get some what of a better estimation.

This is only my method of calculating roughly how much users will play/buy your game/product, it might work or might not work, it just depends on mostly your ad and the target audience.