How to let your hands goes down and up if you're in FPS mode?

Hello, I am trying to make FPS system I know how to make hands visible in first person but I have no idea how to make the hands in FPS to move with mouse cursor (only when moving it up and down, so right and left not included)

local player =  game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer
local character = player.character or player.characterAdded:Wait()

for i, part in pairs(character:GetChildren())do
	if string.match(part.Name, "Arm") or string.match(part.Name, "Hand") then
		for _,v in pairs(character:GetChildren()) do
				if v:IsA("Folder") and v.Name ~= "Scoped Kar98k" and v.Name ~= "Springfield" then
					if v:IsA("Tool") and v.Name ~= "Springfield" then
						part.LocalTransparencyModifier = 0

That is how I made arms show in fps but I want the hands moves up and down when in FPS

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This is called bobble, you would use math.sin for this, changing the speed of how much it bobbles, and how wide is the bobble for the x axis and the y axis, if you are still learning trigonometry I recommend watching okeanskiy on how to make a bobble camera, also if you want your whole body to show you would do string.match(part.Name, “Arm”) or string.match(part.Name, “Hand”) and string.Match(, “Torso”) or string.Match(part.Name, “UpperTorso”)

Tip: don’t use camera offset, or your just offsetting your camera not the hands


This is a camera shaking while moving its not what I meant

This is camera shaking, but you can stimulate this to the hands instead of the camera

Well the thing is I want the hands (While holding gun) to move up when moving the mouse up and goes down when mouse etc etc, idk if you got what i mean

You can make a up and down animation natural animation when player’s moving

nah that is not how i want it, i dont want it when player’s moving i want it when you move ur cursor up then ur hands goes up

You would use viewmodels, you are using roblox’s default viewmodel which they have no interest in updating, here is what I mean: Roblox Viewmodel |AK-47| |MK18| |X16| - YouTube

His viewmodel is custom and isn’t made by roblox, so he doesn’t need to script anything for the arms to go up


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There are only two solutions, which are either animation or C0

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