How to load a player into a workspace rig

So basically what I’m looking for is to load a player into a character rig from workspace, I also disabled auto load so please help :3

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If i understood correctly, you want to replace the default player character with a custom made one.

The easiest way to do so Is changing the rig name to “StarterCharacter” and placing it on the “StarterPlayer” folder


no, I want to load from server side and I already have the rig ready, basically I did all the code to make a R15 rig with a humanoid description and my character didnt loaded yet because I disabled auto loading so I’m trying to make the player load into a model r15 rig that I already created.

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Try this:

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this loads my character not the one I already prepared

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Oh okay then.

	Player.Character = YourModel -- This is what you need to make.
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yep thank you and have a good one :3

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Hey uhh, I ran into another problem related to this, so basically
Create Rig → ApplyDescription from player → Destroy Rig ACcesories → Load Character
But the problem is, for the Rig it destroys the accesories but when I load I get them back
Any help?

have you put the script into localscript? If then put it to ServerScript.

the scripts run from server script

Put the script up of for loop.

Yea that would work but I want to have it after the loop, I’m trying to have the rig fully changed and then loaded

It causes a problem because of HumanoidDescription. HumanoidDescription contains information about the avatar’s appearance. If you set your HumanoidDescription to your roblox character it will include your accessories. I recommend remove it or put the scripts on the for loop. If you using HumanoidDescription because of rig type then you can use this:

 Character.Humanoid.RigType = Enum.HumanoidRigType.R6 or Enum.HumanoidRigType.R15

So there’s no way beisdes moving the loop?

You need to remove HumanoidDescription script.

Then any way to remove the accesories before loading the character?

More simple to place the model under StarterCharacter and name it StarterCharacter, and it’ll default to that character whenever loading someone in

Yeah but I want to achieve this by code

As i said remove the HumanoidDescription script and you won’t be need to remove accessories. Then you can load the character. Or another way is put the script on PlayerDescription. I don’t know if this will work but you can try on your character. Also do you want your character be with no accessories or have couple of them?

I’m removing every accesory but hair on the rig(which works) then loading the rig into the player(which loads my character with every accesory), and I want to achieve all this before loading the rig into the player’s char

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