How to make a Building Grid (For a Build type game.)

Hey there!

I have been trying to make a full building system recently, and i want to know how i can make a building grid. This can be shown in

Welcome to Bloxburg,

and probably more games that i can’t think of.

How would i go about making this,

(i also don’t mean just make a decal, making a grid so that you can place blocks on.)

Any help is massively appreciated!!


You should see this post Create a grid on the floor

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I was wondering the same, after a little time i found this algorithm to make something into a grid:
local X = math.floor(Position.X/GridSize+0.5)*GridSize
local Y = math.floor(Position.Y/GridSize+0.5)*GridSize
local Z = math.floor(Position.Z/GridSize+0.5)*GridSize
Pos =,Y,Z)

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I was wondering about how big each grid piece is. Assuming it is a stud, is there a way to increase the size? Thank you!

You can increase the gridsize to whatever you want. Just change the GridSize variable to the size you want

yeah but is each unit in the size a stud?