How to make a faded part?

i’am trying to make a flashlight that contains a part that is faded but I don’t have any idea how to make it faded I want to a fade such as this

this example is represented in a gui

Its done using UiGradient, you can set the transparency and rotate it. Just make sure its inside a Frame

Exactly what @mymomtookmyps5away said, you’d want to approach this using UiGradients and a SurfaceGui!

It would look something like:

creating a simular effect:

This topic doesn’t include any scripting, so maybe take it to Building Support next time :slight_smile:

To be completely honest the building community is dead in the roblox forum so i put it in script so people can see it faster lol

The problem is that i have a complicated mesh that has a lot of faces this method will not work on it… but thanks for the help though

i have a plugin for that Partdient - Roblox
Partdient! Make your life smooth - #22 by Vlaskoz

You should use a beam to achieve this

Then it would be impossible to create.

there’s a nice plugin that can be used to achieve @blockleman’s solution

NumberSequence, try that