How to make a good Talent Hub hiring post

This is in no way intended to dog on peoples posts and how they want to recruit. It is to help people and benefit them to help increase the odds of people becoming interested in their advert for whatever they’re post for.

Those who dont have good posts I will hide the name of to help remove the hate that some people may give to them. I am not saying all will it or that it will happen but it is better to be sure.

(PS The bad posts are my own opinion. People may oppose what I say and I will be happy to hear people voice their opinion.)

Why does it matter on how a post is layed out?

Think of it as a job. No one wants to read some text that isnt very informative on the job and the requirements needed. They want it to be straight to the point and with-held information until theyre hired/accepted for the job. If you do this they will most likely skip your post and move on. It is important you make it straight to the point, easy to read, give as much information as you can about the job and speak clearly and professionally.

I have seen posts which goes something like this: “When we hire you, you will be told more about the job” which is a TERRIBLE way to get people to apply. Its kind of like saying “We need people but we wont tell you much about the job because you arent interested/applied for it yet.”

When hiring people what should I give as payment and how?

When hiring people and giving a payment method make sure it is low tax and fast. Having to pay through game-passes or shirts and not group funds is a pain as you have to figure out the amount with tax included and sometimes the party that hires may not have the funds some times.

You may find it easier to have a robux payment or cash payment put up instead of a percentage as many developers want a guaranteed payment and not have to make it rely on the chance of income the game makes which can influx depending on how it is going. I personally would rather a robux/cash payment instead of a percentage of revenue the game takes as it can be easy to be scammed through and unreliable (I have been scammed a few times through percentage.

When hiring people it is important to not pay the hired persons through a task difficulty system. (Easy = 100, Medium 500, Hard 1000 etc) Most developers including me will look at it as a scam. It is also a terrible way to pay developers based on your own judgement. I have seen non-scripters do this system and say that an hard task is easy which ends up under paying the developer and getting them annoyed.

It is also important you pay your developers fair. I don’t mean this by having them all be paid 5k each, I mean by valuing the developers skills, work ethic and other variables fairly.

For example a scripter with 2 years under their belt who has been a lead developer for award winning games and can make a multitude of things like, their own custom physics, custom car system, very well made weapon/combat system and whatever else with a fair sum of 30k - 40k (not supposed to be realistic. Just as an idea) which can be fair for the developer and their work.

Now it does depending on the work they’re doing and all that but it is always good to pay users fairly based on their skill set and what they can do/their capabilities.

How should I list my requirements for the developers to apply

I will show you some examples of some good and bad posts to help you understand how you can list it and what you can/should put inside of the list. This helps a lot when developers are looking at your post.


It should be clear on why these are listed as bad posts. For this post we are ignoring the pricing within these images and are only focusing on the text.

One post increases the pressure put on the developer for them to complete the task quicker.
“If you work well you get payed this amount. If it takes you weeks to get this system done payment will decrease exponentially.”

One pays you based on the difficulty of the tasks assigned.

Another is unsure on what to give to the developer. Although this isnt by its self that bad It can cost either them or the developer alot. It is important you ask around on recommendations for payments for x role based on x tasks given and other variables.

Ignoring what I just said. These do not have a good format.

The first one is listing the tasks of what the developer needs to do but can be a little bit of a pain to read due to there being no separation of the text to help break it up and having it be easier to read.

The second one (middle) is confusing to understand and isn’t very professional.

Firstly they have scripting tags and graphics design tags but are asking for building which is what scripters dont do much off or barley anything off. You need builders to do that.
They also say they want it to be perfect which can imply that they can be hard to work with and fairly young which can mean they’re childish. (I’m aware Roblox is a kids platform but that is far from the point.)

Secondly they put the requirements twice. Inside the description of the job as well as inside the place where it is supposed to be which is the requirements section. This makes it longer to read and redundant.

Their job title tells you nothing about he job and states the obvious.

The third one is straight to the point which is good however the requirements are not that good and they pay you according to the difficulty of the task which is a thing to avoid when hiring. Their job title tells you nothing about he job and states the obvious.



(Very big, posted in two parts)

(There would be a third but I completely lost the post…)

These posts are straight to the point, They give you a ton of information and what they’re looking for inside of a developer. They give you information on what they want for a developer within the requirements and also have an amazing format which makes it insanely easy to read and understand.

The top may be paying you through a shirt of t-shirt but that is sometimes what people may do. I don’t really like this due to the reasons I listed before but it isn’t that bad.


Anything else people would like me to add to this then please let me know.

Sorry for the very long read.


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