How to make a plane crash?

Hi! Im currently trying to figure out how to make a realistic plane crash into the ocean. I have experimented with tweening and I managed to get the plane to tween from its original location to the destination point. But, how do I make it so that along they way it rotates? Like in reality, a plane will not just do a nose dive into the ocean or zoom right in, there has to be some kind of movement like rotating here and there. (TLDR: I have settled the tweening of the plane, Just wanna know how I can incorporate realistic rotations to the plane.)


That is not helping the situation at all.

is the plane a Union or a Model?

if its a model you can go

local model = workspace.Plane --or whatever you plane name is or you can do script.Parent if the script is in the plane
model:SetPrimaryPartCFrame = model.PrimaryPart.CFrame *,0,0) * CFrame.fromEulerAngles(0, 00.1,0) --change these numbers if you want depending on the way you want it to spin 

if its a Union you can Tween the Rotation.

You’ll need to make it not too realistic, or Roblox will not advertise it. The best way is to tween models that act as an explosion.

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Well, by realistic I mean, imagine a plane losing control midflight, and there is ocean below, so the plane would free fall into the ocean, but of course it wont just fall straight down, it will get blown to the left or right by the wind, thats what I am trying to achieve, (I am making a cutscene)

Its a mesh part so just one part

so you can tween the rotation of the part

You can use roblox physics and change the force of the plane making it customizable when you want it to go up or down or the sides easily same with slowing the plane down, you could add a force that would push back of the plane to reduce how much it skids on a surface