How to make a player swing

I made a grappling hook for my game, it just makes a rope from the model to the players hand, but when the player jumps of a ledge with the hook activated, you get full control of where to swing, and if you stopped pressing wasd then you stay still, no swinging at all. How do I make it so that the player swing with little control of where to swing?


Not sure exactly how, but it sounds like you need to search posts that deal with disabling players WASD controls but leave the jump command (if you are using that to disengage the swing).
I searched ‘disable player’s controls’ and got a few hits.
PlayerModule cannot be found
Disable player controls SERVER-side?
Issue with disabling player controls


I made it so that he cant move while swinging, which is good, but I still dont know how to make him swing back and forth, like a swingset.

Do you need them to be able to push back and forth like a swingset, or just to swing back and forth, decreasing the swings like the way gravity works?

YES, yes please (The first one). I have always been bad at explaining things sorry.