How to make a room search system

So I’ve been researching for days how to make a room search system available. In other words, my game requires a minimum of 2 players to play, so the point is that when a player enters the lobby and then goes to the teleporter, they don’t teleport to the secondary place until they find a player from another server or the same and if it takes 30 seconds then it sends him to a different place but the point is to use the messaging service between servers

I’m not 100% sure what you mean. You want it to teleport a player to the start place if there isn’t 2 players in the first 30 seconds?

I don’t know how to fully make your system, but I can provide some help for certain aspects of whatever you are trying to create.
In case you haven’t looked at it already, here are two links to the documentation.

Cross-server messaging:

One specific problem I thought of when thinking about your post is how two players from two different servers would teleport to the same server. I found a link on how to do that:

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thanks for the answer sorry but it is not the other way around when the player enters the lobby and goes to the teleporter of the battle zone then the server sends a message to the other servers which looks for if there is a player available to play against another player yes there is it in less than 30 seconds then take it to a server next to that player if there is not in less than 30 seconds then take it to another server