How to make a shr has joined the game message

I am looking for a message so that when a shr joins the game it pops up and says “the owner ant has joined the game” I tried a few different things and none worked.
If you need by discord let me know! Have a good day.

You could get the rank in the group whenever a player joins, and if their rank is in the range of being an SHR, you can either use“Message”) or make a GUI and create your own type of message

Yes, I will make my own GUI but is there a script that I have to use to make it pop up? Like for shrs.

Yeah, like I said before, you just need to check what rank they are in the group(rank is 1-255) and if they are in a certain range of being an SHR, that’s when you would make your GUI pop up to show everyone an SHR joined. This devhub page should help you out.

Yea, I found a way to make it.
Click here