How to make a toy race car system

So I had a funny thought the other day. I’d like to make a car, but, uh. it will not be the usual car on which you ride, and it will be something like a racing toy car, that is, for example, at high speed, the car rises on the rear wheels, and at a strong turn can flip on its side. Also, you can drive on the walls and ride on them, well, and of course when turning and td remain traces on the track and dust.

In general, to make it easier for you it will be like TrackMania.

And the big question is, how to do all this? Where to start? Are there any tutorials and so on? Can I please get some help on how to do it all, thank you.

Like this:

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Unfortunately, there are not many tutorials about this out there. It is quite a complex system that your attempting to make and is something that many people spend months or years creating and perfecting.

Where I would start is by making the actual vehicle/toy car work and function like a car. A good place to start might be with A-Chassis, however, you would need to customize it quite a bit for your specific requirements.

Wall sticking could be activated if the car is detected sideways, or when turning. (That part is going to probably be the most difficult part). The wheels could have a property applied to them the stick or bind them to objects (I don’t really know.)

A trail/tire marks behind the car could be achieved with a simple plugin for A-Chassis. Several vehicles have been made with them, but I would have to look around for the plugin.

Hope this helps get you started!


What this guy said. Very hard complex system that we probably cant help you with that much. You might wanna contact some devs of popular games on roblox and ask them if they can give you a rough overview of how their systems work? Anyhow. Goodluck with your game fren


im back fren and i found this

im not sure if this will be any help because it might only control gravity for the character model, however you might be able to modify it to work for other objects like your toy cars.


thanks a lot, I will deal with it later, for now anyway my goal is to make a basic car that can move (I don’t use models from the toolbox).


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