How To Make Car Move With Vehicle Seat Or Other Way?

I’m trying to find a way to make this car move through a script. At the moment I’ve been trying to do it through the VehicleSeat’s .throttle property. The problem is, that when I do this it doesn’t let me change it past 1 throttle. Someone mentioned to me in another topic I made on this that I could change the speed property of the engine? I couldn’t find that anywhere though. Is there another way to make the car move when I tell it to in the script? Thanks.

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I made a basic open sourced chassis you can check out Here and learn from it

Edit: You can simply multiply the speed with the throttle to get the movement speed Throttle * Speed


Yeah, if you are building the car using wheels with Surfaces set to Motor then there’s a Property in VehicleSeat that is the Speed the car will go (and the Speedometer GUI will scale to that speed).
You can just change that Property.
The value of 1 that you see is just the VehicleSeat registering Forward. Reverse is -1.
If you want to use HingeConstraints you can link them in a script to the inputs from the VehicleSeat to change the HingeConstraint’s AngularVelocity Property.
Either way you’ll probably need to adjust the Torque value in the VehicleSeat if using Motor surfaces, or the Torque Property in the HingeConstraints if you use them to fine-tune for the car’s weight, wheel friction and wheel size as well.

Where’s the speed property? I’m a bit confused as to where it is. In the vehicle seat I see there’s max speed, but no speed property. Sorry if it’s obvious and I’m just not getting it -thanks.

Okay thanks I’ll check it out to see how that works. We’re going to be using an already made chassis for our car. Question - will changing the throttle/speed work with the rest of the chassis? That is, the wheels turning, the sounds it has, etc.? Thanks!

MaxSpeed is the maximum speed the VehicleSeat will go when you use the Surface Motor to rotate the wheels.

If you are using an already made chassis you should read the script to see if there’s any description of how it works, or maybe the model description tells you that.
Asking one developer about how somebody else’s model works without giving details (like a link to the model or the script it uses) is a bit of a stretch. We aren’t miracle workers.

Here’s the chassis we’re using:

Sorry, I didn’t realize that each chassis has different ways of changing properties.