How to make hair physics?

Hello, i was wondering how to make hair physics with a mesh like this. Roblox Hair Physics | Chainsaw Hell - YouTube

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Might be late reply but its just animations played when a humanoid detects movements/Other stuff and other detection stuff

these do not look like animations, it looks like a mesh deformation i think

Yeah! It Is but sometimes its also uses bone rigs and btw I’m not saying its “Animations” likes its from a movie or mmd what I’m saying is the roblox animation instance/object these hair physics you see are played animations created manually/simulated in blender and then coded to be played whenever a detection happened like jumping, walking, falling and etc

It looks like its in real time, since it moves with the camera

Yeah pretty much since hair physics in roblox basically required like A MASSIVE amounts of animations too look like actual hair movements I think they did that too with the head movement camera system

You could probably get a similar result by using SmartBone 2.



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Woahhh I’ve never heard about this I was only familiar with the animation hair physics one