How to make immortal charater

how would i make a player immortal to all types of damage
falling in the void
immune to part destruction
standard damage
model stays loaded on disconnect
and can still be used on rejoin
i have seen scripts like this not sure how they do but
basicly there is 2 of the same player on workspace then they are in control of the clone
that does not die at all?

also how would i undo it using a command

scripts like studio dummy immortal lord lightning cannon
they all use that


I think Roblox has a core script for this you could just set to false

could u give me some code for this im not sure what u mean

would this work by any chance
humanoid:SetStateEnabled(Enum.HumanoidStateType.Dead, false

Yeah that’s the one but I think it will still trigger any dead event on the server according to

You can use HealthChanged event to detect when a player takes damage, then set the Humanoid’s health back to Humanoid.MaxHealth so it goes back to full HP.

i did that im testing it using hd admin

i do ;reset but the issue is that my charter resets and i dont want that

You should probably check HD Admin’s scripts to see how ;reset specifically works. I don’t know how HD Admin works but it may be a local character reset rather than a server one if you use it on yourself.

this is a photo of what i mean

i wish to take control of the clone and then destroy my charter

It’s likely that this command, no matter what happens, will set Humanoid.Health to 0. Maybe you could experiment with the event Humanoid.StateChanged and the function Humanoid:ChangeState in case your character dies, so you can change your state to any other that would “avoid” your death? I don’t know if it makes sense, but try to see if this algorithm would work.

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i checked the code
immortal.rbxm (197.1 KB)
this is the main code for lightning cannon v2
to get a better idea of what im looking for look at this

I believe the ;reset cmd reloads the character. There really isn’t anything you can do to stop that from happening beside modifying the ;reset cmd.

thats why im gonna use cloneing
i clone my charater then control the clone

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the code that the lightning cannon uses crazy it has anti void along with a immortal that does not even flinch to loadcharater

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So basically, I found what the ;reset command does

	Name = "refresh";
	Aliases	= {"re", "reset"};
	Prefixes = {settings.Prefix};
	Rank = 1;
	RankLock = false;
	Loopable = false;
	Tags = {};
	Description = "Clears all effects and loops from the player";
	Contributors = {"ForeverHD"};
	Args = {"Player"};
	Function = function(speaker, args)
		local plr = args[1]
		for commandName, people in pairs(main.functionsInLoop) do
			if people[plr] then
				main.functionsInLoop[commandName][plr] = nil
		local originalCFrame
		local head = main:GetModule("cf"):GetHead(plr)
		if head then
			originalCFrame = head.CFrame
		local head = plr.Character:WaitForChild("Head")
		if originalCFrame then
			head.CFrame = originalCFrame

What we would surely have to avoid here is reload of the character, as death is not happening here plus avoid any changes for head through CFrame.

ok what if we clone the player model then take control of the clone

i have something like that
immortal.rbxm (197.1 KB)
the code should be at the start

local Player,Backups,obamagaming = game:GetService(“Players”):FindFirstChild(Name),{},{}

for _,v in pairs(script:GetChildren()) do

Backups[v.Name] = v:Clone()

– looks like this inside

@uhKamil you think u could check that out

I’m taking a look at it right now

cool thanks i was not sure if you saw it