How to make it so this Snowball Tool properly animates when used in game

I don’t need help for this on studio. I already know how to animate the tool in studio, but I cannot manage to get the tool to correctly animate in game.

I’ve already tried these 2 methods, and both did nothing for me. (other than the first one that got me to animate with a tool and the rig, but that’s besides the point)

First Post

Second Post

For the second post I followed through and got stumped when the required plugin did nothing for me, and when I tried using an alternative Motor6D editor, it just ended up doing nothing for the animation to play in game. I wouldn’t post this if I didn’t try.

I want to make it so when you equip the tool in game, the tool animates exactly as shown in this video clip:

Whenever I try it in game, the tool doesn’t animate, and just does nothing. If you can help me fix this problem without referring to the 2 exact methods above, that’d be really helpful.

I put this post in this category since I’m having a difficult issue regarding Animation, which is Art Design

-Void_Xiety :white_heart:

Bump. If you need anything else regarding this issue, I’d be glad to give it as I still have no response after almost 24 hours, and I really need help fixing this issue as it’s affecting my game. Thank you for reading, and please respond if you know what to do in this situation.

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Okay, since you mentioned the tool doesn’t animate, and it does nothing, the problem is that the priority of the animation is too low and needs to be set to idle (highest setting possible), but since you said “nothing”, i can’t seem to find out if the snowball is moving but not the arm when the animation plays.

Also, could you show us the error output? It might not help but atleast to see if there’s something necessary.

This has already been solved by @Duskitten and me. We went through this step by step and figured out we had to remove the tool weld, use a Motor6D before deleting the weld from the hand, that was created by the tool initially.

edit I have found an easier way to do this, and will post about it on the Forum Tutorials tomorrow if possible.