How to make smaller characters movement behave like default humanoids?

I’ve adjusted the humanoidhipheight, and I wanna make it look like the character is on the ground while keeping smooth movement. I have tried to turn collision off in multiple parts and yes, it has fixed the problem a lot more but turning off all the parts make the character completely broken and unplayable, or they will glitch into the floor and slide. some skins in the game seem to not experience this weird movement at all, and some do. In some instances, the character would even slide around the floor very fast. What could be a way to fix this?

I’ve used this workaround in one of my unfinished games. This probably isn’t the best solution as it uses meshes and normal character hitboxes rather than the smaller character hitboxes. If you have the meshes and textures of these characters, you can have the torso use these meshes and set the offset of the mesh so it touches the floor. I’ve changed the actual transparency to show the actual “hitboxes” (the torso is still in the right spot, but you only see the mesh) (remember to set all body parts transparency to 1 except for the torso)
Screen Shot 2022-08-17 at 7.35.23 PM

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How do you apply this a non-mesh?

The smallest theoretical size of a character is a size factor of .008. Due to Roblox being limited by its floating point calculations, setting a character’s size factor to .008 breaks the euler positioning of the body joints.

If you want another workaround, you can do a couple of things. First, you could scale up the environment, so scaling the player down has a less glitchy effect, as you don’t need as much shrinking.

By just using the shrink method of sizing the player to .008, I’ve used this to achieve the “tallest building in Roblox” which, at scale, you fall the entire circumference of the earth, reaching nearly mach 50 at the ground.

Sorry for such a late reply, however, I haven’t found a way for that. There is a way to export Roblox models to blender, in which you could turn them into meshes. Here are dev forums relating to these. How to import Roblox models into blender
How to upload meshes from blender to roblox studio