How to upload meshes from blender to roblox studio


Today I will be telling you how to upload your mesh from blender into roblox studio:

Here are the steps:

Step 1. Once you have completed the mesh that you want to upload to roblox studio click ‘file’ then click the export option then choose FBX.

Step 2. At the end of the file name make sure it is written like this: 'name.fbx. Then look for the folder you want to put it in then after that hit Export FBX.

Step 3. Go to the roblox studio game you want to put the mesh in and create a new part in the workspace called ‘MeshPart’ then in properties go to where it says ‘Meshid’ then click on the folder button. After that select your mesh folder then hit open.


Your mesh may take a few second to load and studio might freeze if it is a big mesh. There will be re-sizing options that pop up that you will be able to customise.

I hope I helped and thanks for reading!

The triangle limit for meshes is 10,000.


That’s all correct, but I suggest you tell them about the triangle limit since I’ve had so many issues with studio when the mesh goes over the triangle limit.

Isn’t it 10,000?

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I’m unsure, but here:


Yes, it is 10000.

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Alright I’ll add that in thanks.