How to make this building look more neater

Hi this is not a very good house and i know that. I’m trying to figure out how to make it better but I’m not very good at building. I want this house to be somewhat of an old house where the main character was too poor to buy a good one. Please keep in mind that it is not finished but I just feel that it needs more before I start decorating so don’t be surprised that the house is in bare bones

Mind the dummy

Pictures of the house

What I want to know is how to make it better before I decorate I am not a very good builder

Edit I made new doors for you @cake3738 this is what the old one and the new one looks like in order




I want to know which one looks better without any chatting so i made this vote system

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Ok, first of all, it looks very blocky add a roof. Also, use different colors so it isn’t only brown and use different materials. Here are some examples

As you can see different colors different materials and it isn’t blocky and the interior looks very empty



I recommend you to practice a lot, practice practice and practice this will make you better at building
Good luck!

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you can take an example of an image as a guide to help you unless you are making your own house I would recommend that you look at the sizes, material, color in the parts.


Im looking at your comment now and im going to try your idea. I will then maybe propose a vote I said maybe not I will to see which house is better

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keep in mind Im really bad at studio but im trying my best I HAS DETERMINATION!!!

Alright to start I’d say don’t use free models, almost ever.
Try to use some more shapes aside from the basic brick.
The bricks you are using look very thick, for example your glass door.
Make some more interior objects like tables or photos on the wall.
You’re clearly new to building so don’t try to push yourself to making something stunning, practice helps a lot.

Sounds Great! Wish you all the luck on your future builds!

  1. The only free models I used was the couch and the tv. Everything else was made by me
  2. I have if you looked at my pictures you would see i made some unions
  3. I will try to make them thinner
  4. I have never thought about that bruh.
  5. I maybe new to building but I did get tiny experience from a free model game. But still I try to learn something new everyday

Oh and ps if you have good eyes like me you will notice some things are aligned improperly. That is not my fault. Blame that on studio cuz no matter what I do I can’t fix it

This is my second topic question (third topic post) and I would just like to say thank you to all to who have replied

You could try adding a like a border around the corners
add some more windows also add a rooftop try also making the overrall building a little bit bigger since it looks pretty small right now

I am making a new studio world only for this so I can do trial and failure without risk.

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Hey hey New Developer!

I think I might know how you can practice stuff and make things more neater, that’s a nice starter building, but now of course, it needs more detail.

I recommend trying CFraming, when building. Sometimes that’s for developers a little ‘sketch’ if you know what I mean by CFraming of course.

Free models should rarely/never be used, since they can infect your game with viruses, that could affect your game, and we don’t want that right?

Try also adding grass, trees for example, to make the map as a whole more ‘‘alive’’.

I can agree with the comment, @YummyBurger699 has posted in the past. Try making another roof, and most importantly, for the colors, try not taking colors that are off-set.

For example, You use Lightish-Brown, combined with a really light brown and stuff. Try using brown tones, from the same brown you were using.

Textures are also nice to use.



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Add more detail. Windows, pillars, look at reference images. Try to make it more realistic. Roofs also help a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

im ready to take my build to my original world no joke a sad song plays on my playlist

Ok here is the old and new house together which looks better I will take pictures of what I changed



Houses together

Please mind the dummy, no water in new house, or anything else unusual. (The roofing I left that out on purpose because I realized that when i’m actually ingame no one will notice it.) The window is going to be placed inside where it is right now so think of it as built inside

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I personally like the new one better but i wanted all of your opinions

^ Please seriously listen to him, I have had a game infected. ** It’s not fun to fix** if you don’t know how to build something try getting a picture of it or follow a youtube video.

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i use RoDefender

30 characters

I agree with @YummyBurger699

But I don’t know many poor people with big swimming pools…

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One again a roblox anti virus isn’t really good, i’ve had bad times with one but you can pick if you want one or not. But still having a clean game is a good idea.

i totally agree with YummyBurger. You should also use the stud limit or how it’s called. You write an amount of studs per block so you can make the size of the blocks even and not messy.

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