How to manipulate CoreGui

I am making a KinitoPet inspired game, and I have the questions and all, though I want to add my own twist to it. The twist is modifying the escape menu to make the button “Leave” be the text “I’m a coward” and the button “Resume” to “I’m brave”.

I have serached on the devforum, and I found a post, but the solution is redacted. Any help is appreciated.

You can not modify the default menu, it’s simply not possible.
The only solution to this is to make your own menu.

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Yeah i have tried but it’s impossible, but, how do you make your own menu? Or is just a misunderstanding, and oyu mean not overriding the CoreGui?

Cannot do that

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If you are unfamiliar with UI designing, then I’d suggest you to watch a few tutorials on how to make a main menu, it’s just your own menu with your own functions.
The Roblox default menu will always be available to players alongside your custom one.

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