How to monetize a game and get a least 1k people playing?

Hello. Sorry if this is in the wrong topic.

How would I go on monetizing a game and getting lots of visits? I’ve heard about sponsoring and advertising, but I need some advice before putting Robux into it.

If anyone’s wondering, this is my game:

It’s a game about surviving meteor showers.

I only have one game pass, since I don’t know any ideas for more game passes.



Does the game obtain free models?

The only free models are the camera shaking module made by Crazyman32 and DataStore2 because I don’t know how to make a proper camera shake (it’s very complicated) and I used DataStore2 because you never lose data with it and some popular games like Dungeon Quest use it. Next time maybe read the description.

I was just checking, it is a lot easier to market a game you made yourself where as a game made with free models in-fact you shouldn’t make a game with free models you will be called out on it and then it becomes a whole story.


Yes, I know that you shouldn’t make a game with free models. Thanks anyway.


Never dump all your money into advertising/sponsoring. Dip your toes in the water first.
To start, your game can use some changes. The lobby is deserted and bland. Nothing to do. Try to make it more colorful and vibrant.
The UI could use some kind of coloring as well as its rather large and a little depressing.

Game is alright but it feels boring after a while, why not just play survive the disaster? The most fun thing I found about your game was the shaking when the meteor hits.

You could add other gamepasses like balloon or something that gives you more health. The builds in the game lack detail but I suspect this is due to lag.

I think you should make a group like XYZ studios putting a little money there and make an interesting ad. Give away new items to new players (put this in the ad?) this will attract players. If this doesn’t succeed then try to sponsor.

Try to add different aspects to your game before releasing it as it’ll capture the attention of players longer.



I made the lobby deserted and bland since it would look more like a shelter. You’d go into a shelter if there was a meteor shower. The lobby used to be colorful and vibrant, as you said. Also, someone on the devforums said I should do that, so I did.

I agree with the UI, but I’m not sure how it would fit in with the lobby.

The shop gives you tools like a gravity or speed coil. Something that would give you more health wouldn’t work because the meteor kills you when it hits you.

Thank you for your suggestions.

If you’re being very serious towards pushing it towards the front page, I think you should sit down and re think a few things about your game. I don’t think it’s in a condition to be worth being advertised.

First of all, look at the front page right now, and compare most to the game you’ve made. Do you notice something that those game have? They have attractive thumbnails and icon. That’s the first step in getting visits, it’s the first thing players will look at. I’d also re write the description, it doesn’t look very professional and players will also look at it. It’s good you’ve mentioned some details though, you just have to put it in an attractive format.

Secondly, I’m going to be honest, but your UI and Lobby are awful. Most games on the front page right now have very high spending budgets put towards high quality assets in their games, which is why they’re awesome to play and keep you playing. I agree that this is highly unfair when up against new developers that want to make the same thing, but everything isn’t fair and nothing changes that. Hire UI designers or Modelers by offering a %, that way you don’t have to cover multiple roles and have the chance to interact with other developers. Even make new powerful friends

Thirdly, I like your game play idea. It’s cool to experience, however you should think about why players will play your game over several existing disaster games out there already. One popular game that most of us know being;
Natural Disaster Survival - Roblox

Lastly in terms of monetization, I think others have answered this, but like I said you should look at how existing games do it. Follow their technique and implement it in your own niece or style.
Warfront was the game I made as I followed this prior knowledge in the development processes. The major mistake on why I stopped with it is because I lack funding’s, and the complicated built-in systems that resulted in unnecessary lag.

Hopefully this helps, not being harsh but putting out my honest opinion

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I appreciate your opinion.

I know the UI and lobby are awful and I am trying to make it better.

Currently, I do not have enough money to hire a team of UI and GFX artists.

My game goal is to get 1k visits on my game. Right now, the current goal is to get a full server of strangers. It might seem small, but it’s a start.

My current GFX artist, Novistic has made the icon and thumbnail based on what I asked him to do. When it comes to designing and creativity, I’m not that good at it.

I agree with the description, it should get a rewrite.

A reason they should play it should probably be that there are features like spectating, shops, camera shaking (it was a module made by Crazyman32). More new features are yet to come, as the game is still in alpha.

Thank you for your advice.

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It doesn’t look like a shelter at all… it looks like a huge box where you feel trapped. You should make it more like a bunker instead, smaller and more detailed.

The UI and lobby comments were separate .

Okay. I am not very good with building and designing. How would you make it more detailed?

I’d use reference images personally but you could take from games like fallout or the movie “10 clover field lane” which both feature bunkers. Just add the small things like shelves, couch, food storage/food, tv, cleaning supplies, survival stuff etc…

How small should I make it? As small as the actual bunker or a bit bigger, making the couches and food bigger too?

Make it according to the size of how many people your server holds . If your server can hold 20 people make it big enough for 20 people. Make everything the right size to the average player

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Okay. Should I remove the spheres and the credits?

Using free models in games are fine. That is the reason they are there, for other developers to use them. You just have to be careful not to overuse them.

I feel like people always hate so much, “oh your game has a free model? It’s bad.” When in reality all that matters is that you are entertaining the players. A successful game is a fun game. Simple.

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Alright. Here is a bunker I’ve made:

There are sofas and a TV on the other side.

It’s still wayyy too large. Look at the roof!

Here are some ideas. Make it much smaller and add rooms to it instead of having one large box that quite frankly, makes it look terrible.


Okay. The thing is I don’t really know how a bunker looks, I just went on Google images and searched “fallout bunker”.

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You can look at the images and take an idea from each image and put it into your bunker :slight_smile:

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